Triggerpoint Release Methode 

Triggerpoint release methode for massage therapists "The Basics" 

Compulsory entrance module for the follow-up modules upper extremity, lower extremity and Trunk/Neck


Massage therapists play an important role in sports and wellness by guiding athletes, active elderly people and people with demanding professions.

Much attention is paid to normalizing the tone of tense muscles or muscle groups. Not every client reacts positively to the massage treatment.The tension does not decrease sufficiently and or is back the next day. In that case there may be myofascial pain.

Myofascial pain is defined as a chronic pain disorder. In this condition, a continuous muscle tension in a small portion of the muscle fibers (trigger points) causes the pain in the muscle and sometimes in apparently unrelated parts of your body . This is called referred pain.

This syndrome usually occurs after acute or chronic muscle overload. Think of repetitive movements in work, hobby or sports, (sports) trauma,deviations within the musculoskeletal system, post-operative or stress-related muscle tension. Although almost everyone has transient muscle tension pain, the pain or discomfort associated with myofascial pain syndrome persists or worsens.

In this part of the Triggerpoint sequenceof, we focus on "the basics". 

Entry level: To participate in this course, you require;

  • A recognized sports and wellness massage therapists diploma and least 1 year of demonstrable experience in sports and/or wellness
  • Sufficient knowledge of anatomy and functions of the muscular system.
  • Sufficient knowledge of Muscular physiology.


After the course, the participant;

  • Has knowledge about the onset and morphology of myofascialpain.

  • Is familiar with the different treatment methods for myofascialpain

  • Is aware of the different treatment methods for myofascialpain.

Study load:  8 hours.

Number of contact hours:  4 hours 

Number of selfstudy hours: 4 hours

Number of contact days:  1 day

PhysEducation Certificate:: Yes.

Accreditation: No

Cost including course material, exam and syllabus: 

150.00 Guilders