Your audit 

is a "critical" research into your business management 

Our system 

All business processes relevant to business operations are mapped through objective criteria and questionnaires.

Two PhysEducation auditors will visit your practice to obtain a "picture" of your practice.

Together with the auditee, we will look at for example at processes as; 

  • patient safety
  • hygiene
  • quality management
  • registration of personal data
  • the way in which you can visualize the diagnostic/therapeutic process (methodical working)  
  • implementation of the guidelines in the profession 

By means of document and/or file assessment we jointly map the level of the processes.

At the end of the audit, audit findings are discussed with you and the findings are recorded in an audit report.

With this report, you will be able support the quality development within your organization

An audit can be voluntary or mandatory


--The company is the client-- 

PhysEducation will advise which processes to audit, but the client determines. 

This successful way of auditing helps to gain insight into your methods and provides direction to potentially necessary improvement or changing of paths.


--A third party is the client--

The client determines which processes are audited and content and the evaluation criteria.

This way of auditing helps you and the client to gain insight into your methods.

This audit provides the client the necessary data to make da decision about the way of collaboration and provides the auditee direction to necessary improvement or changing of paths.

PhysEducation can be addressed for assistance prior to an audit. 

This can be done locally or remotely

PhysEducation can be addressed by third parties to perform an audit  

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