Our Courses

Are always state of the art 

Since 2006 PhysEducation offeres worldwide the following topics.


Constructing a consistent patient report 

  • Patient report "Bless or Burdon
  • Methodical working and clinical reasoning

Physiotherapeutical Training

  • Medical Training Therapie (MTT)
  • Basic training program in chronic disease


  • Electro diagnostics
  • Pain modulation
  • Functional Electro Stimulation (FES)

Ultrasound therapy

  • Indications and determination of treatment type and treatment intensity
  • Staionair ultrasound and LIPUS (Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound)


  • Surface Electro Myografie (EMG)

Muscular Skeletal Ultrasound

  • introduction in Muscular skeletal ultrasound 


  • Introduction in Radial and Focused shockwave 

Dry Needling (in association with Frank Timmermans www.dry-needling.nl)

  • Extremities        (basis course) 
  • Vertebral Column 
  • Head and Neck   (master class)

Massage therapists

Triggerpoint relaese methode

  • Basics
  • Upper extremity
  • Lower extremity
  • Trunk and neck

For these and other topics a tailor-made course can be compiled.